Which is Better? Regular Oil or Synthetic Oil for Truck Drivers?

Everybody loves a happy ending and everybody loves a healthy debate. Unfortunately, there’s no ending to this one and nobody is running out of opinions. Which is  the best kind of motor oil for truck drivers, regular or synthetic? The folks here at Car Hauling Jobs and United Road haven’t quite been able to make up our minds either since there are so many factors involved. What works for one set of truck drivers doesn’t always work for others. For those just venturing into the fray or wondering what if there’s really any difference at all, we did find some info you might find useful.

oil for truck driversWhat exactly is your standard motor oil? They’re products that are mineral-based after being refined from crude oil. Naturally, the refining process has improved over the last couple of decades, which has allowed for better viscosity for reduced friction in your engine and improved fuel efficiency. The better the process and the better the oil, the better chance of your vehicle lasting longer.

Now, while synthetics have the same natural ingredients as oil, they’re distilled in a chemical plant and boast some additional benefits. First, did you know that some synthetic oils can flow up to seven times faster than your conventional oil? And not only can they withstand higher engine temperatures, but they container fewer contaminants, can boost horsepower and also don’t need to be changed as often. Imagine only needing an oil change every 10,000 miles—depending on the vehicle, of course.

What can’t synthetic oil do? Well, for now, they can’t eliminate oil changes altogether—wouldn’t that be nice?—stop engine wear or improve mileage. The trade-off is that, in the long-term, they reduce engine wear significantly. The United Road maintenance department believes that trade-off is worth it.

Is it worth it for your pocketbook and, ultimately, your truck? Opinions continue to vary and it seems nobody is any closer to reaching a verdict. Please feel free to chime in and tell us what you think on the matter! Leave a comment below.

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