Save Money on Car Hauling Jobs with United Road’s Fuel-Saving Program

Drivers hired by United Road and Car Hauling Jobs aren’t just earning a paycheck, they’re becoming a member of the United Road family. And it’s because we view our company as a family that we do our best to take care of one another. That’s why we’re proud to offer our drivers a highly effective fuel-saving program.

Car Hauling JobsWith the cost of diesel fuel currently at $4.13 per gallon and rising, we understand how expensive it can get. That’s why United Road wants to help its drivers out as much as possible. By utilizing our program, drivers can save around $6,000 per year on fuel costs. How? We’ve negotiated fuel rates with national providers such as Flying J, Pilot and Petro, as well as offering our drivers fuel surcharge support.

Having the tools to perform your job well is essential, and helping you save money on fuel is just one way United Road supports its drivers. We also offer discounts on tires that can save you approximately $1,000 per year.  Our maintenance facilities are strategically located and priced at a discount – two new facilities will be opening in 2012.

These aren’t the only bonuses of working for us, however. We also give all our drivers discounts at a wide range of retailers, including Apple, AT&T, Dell, Ford, Genisys Credit Union, and more.

If you have questions about United Road’s fuel-saving program or other benefits we offer, check out our FAQ or contact us today. And if you think you’re ready to join the United Road family, apply here!

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