Driver Qualifications for Car Hauling Jobs

As an employer, we’re extremely picky when choosing candidates for any car hauling job we’re hiring for. Why? Because our clients have high expectations. Not only is this potential employee representing themselves as a professional, but they’re representing Car Hauling Jobs and United Road. It follows then that any customer looking to hire us has specific expectations, too. Meeting these expectations and exceeding them are what help make us or anyone else a qualified car hauler.

But what are these expectations? It’s two-fold, so let’s approach it from two different angles.

What We Want in a Driver:

  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Independence
  • Financial Savvy
  • Good Driving Record
  • Integrity

The Basic Requirements for Car Hauling Jobs

First, for Car Hauling Jobs and United Road, before we’ll offer a car hauling carrier job, a our drivers must possess a Class A CDL, have 6 months to 3 years of over the road experience when they start working for us, have no more than 2 moving violations in the last 3 years on their record throughout the United States (not just in their home state), have no DUIs or plea deal to lesser charges, and have passed a DOT physical and drug screening. They also act professional regardless of whether they’re dealing internally with employees and management or externally with our customers. If a driver can’t meet these criteria, then we cannot offer one of our car hauling jobs. It’s just that simple.

The Requirements that Set Our Drivers Apart

The second part of what makes a qualified car hauler is about the business itself. The whole thing sounds a bit generalized, though, doesn’t it? It’s like asking someone if they want a car hauling carrier job or an ad that mentions hiring for car shipping jobs. See? They’re very general. What a customer is asking for, though, is a company with experience and all the internal and external connections to get the job done as contracted—essentially what we see as a professional promise we make with another business and one we take very seriously—without any complications. They’re also asking in a generalized way, and yet with a specific expectation, that you’re able to ship custom and high-end cars with the same ease and care as you would any regular car.

car hauling jobsDo the cars you need shipped have lift kits? Are they dropped? Do they have a ground effects kits? Modification shouldn’t matter and the car hauler you choose should have no difficulty arranging things on their end to meet your needs. It’s all about your needs. And it’s this ability to seamlessly meet your expectations that make that car hauler a qualified one.

Now, there’s even more to the equation than the current abilities of a car hauler.

The kind of car shipping jobs we’re able to offer and continue offering is also based on our desire to improve the quality of our company. Delivering cars on time and in the same condition as they’re picked up must be maintained, but a car hauler must be looking to tomorrow, too. Using Car Hauling Jobs and United Road as an example since we know our own company best, we created an industry-leading and proprietary system called OVISS (Online Vehicle Information Shipping Solution) that gives our staff real time GPS visibility, reporting and delivery confirmation. If a client is requesting an update, it’s only a click away. No guessing. No trying to get a driver on the phone or CB. OVISS is also a system that we’ve licensed in other industries and outside the United States. That’s the kind of effort we put into our technology.

car hauling jobsWhat about green? Should a car hauler have a commitment to the environment? Absolutely. Is there any reason a business should support a company and allow them to offer a single car hauling carrier job if the only thing they’re going to do is pollute the planet? Absolutely not. Any car hauler worth his or her salt should always be looking to improve his or her business and the environment is no exception. Did you know that United Road is the only Smartway certified vehicle logistics company certified by US Environmental Protection Agency? This means that we embrace, use and continually improve our fuel saving strategies and any emerging technologies for continuous improvement for the environment. Saving fuel not only helps the environment, but it also cuts down on costs for us and for our customers. The more satisfied our customers are, the more they’ll come back to us and the more car shipping jobs we can offer our employees.

The last thing—and it’s not entirely a factual element—is reputation. We say it’s not a factual element because a company may still have a positive reputation, but may be doing horrible things to the environment, overcharging their customers, not keeping up on their vehicle maintenance, but that doesn’t represent our company or our drivers. Reputations are earned, but they’re also maintained and that should be done with integrity. A driver hired for a vehicle transporter job must have integrity, be dependable and be persistent.

Contact Us About Car Hauling Jobs

When United Road offers car hauling jobs as we are on this site, it’s because we know we’re doing everything we can to deliver on our customers’ expectations, look to the future and build a reputation based on hard work and transparency. These are things that make a qualified car hauler. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!