FMCSA’s Hand-Held Cell Phones Ban for Truck Drivers

At the beginning of this year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implemented a hand-held cell phone ban for truck drivers. The policy outlawed hand-held cell phones for all commercial motor vehicle drivers, including truck drivers. The new restrictions that went into effect during the month of January were designed to increase the overall safety of everyone on the road, including both CMV drivers and pedestrian drivers.

hand held cell phone ban for truck driversThe new standards state that all CDL-holders who are CMV drivers are subject to the new regulations. But drivers are still allowed to make and receive phone calls as long as they’re using hands-free devices, which are still permitted. Drivers are not allowed, however, to physically dial a phone while driving.

The FMCSA website states, “Dialing a mobile telephone while operating a CMV in interstate commerce is prohibited by the rule. A driver can initiate, answer, or terminate a call by touching a single button on a mobile telephone, earpiece, steering wheel, or instrument panel – comparable to using vehicle controls or instrument panel functions, such as the radio or climate control system.”

While truck drivers are still allowed to use push-to-talk mobile communications while driving, the devices cannot be out of reach of the driver. This restriction even applies to the use of hands-free devices. The rules state, “In order to comply with this rule, a driver must have his or her mobile telephone located where the driver is able to initiate, answer, or terminate a call by touching a single button while the driver is in the seated driving position and properly restrained by a seat belt.”

At United Road, we take a great deal of pride in the fact that our drivers are the best on the road, and part of being the best is following all the necessary regulations. If you have questions about the FMCSA’s new regulations or our hiring process, don’t hesitate to contact us today [LINK: to Contact Us page].

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