Available Car Hauling & Car Transport Jobs

With automotive sales on the rise in the United States, so is the need for high-quality auto transportation. Are you a qualified driver looking for car hauler jobs? Here at Car Hauling Jobs, we know what it takes to get the job done and are offering car transport jobs for drivers who do as well.

A well established company

You might be curious about what makes Car Hauling Jobs a place you’d want to work? First, we are backed by United Road, a well-established auto hauling company with rock-solid financial stability that doesn’t have a history of frequent layoffs.


We also have incentives our competitors don’t, such as paid vacations and holiday time. And because we’re a company that specializes in car hauler jobs, we offer paid training. We know the challenges of car transport jobs and want to help you succeed as a professional within the industry.

We at Car Hauling Jobs take pride in our drivers and the quality of the work they do. We are very selective in whom we hire for our car transport jobs, but we treat our drivers well and pay them a gross income averaging $70,000 per year. Our clients consistently choose us over our competition because of the quality of drivers we employ.

Contact Us for Car Hauling Jobs

Car Hauling Jobs wants to hear from you! Take a look through the site and see what car hauler jobs we’re offering. If you have any general questions or questions about the applications process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do everything can to help you out.