United Road’s Truck Financing Opportunities Help Drivers Run Their Own Business and Increase Earnings Potential

If you are interested in truck financing opportunities, be sure to check in with United Road’s transport development managers.

“We recently partnered with Commercial Credit Group (CCG) to provide a source of financing for our existing company drivers and OO’s looking to purchase their first truck or upgrade and add trucks to United Road’s fleet,” explains John Rista, United Road’s transport development manager.

This is a great way for drivers to balance their entrepreneurial spirit with the reality of family, mortgage, insurance and other responsibilities.

“For a company driver or OO to qualify, he or she must be employed as a company driver for a minimum of six months or be leased on with United Road for a minimum of six months,” Rista says.

“Qualifying for this program also involves a credit check, copies of the prior year’s tax returns, copies of bank statements for the prior three months and a minimum of 10 percent in the form of a down payment.” Terms can run from 36 to 60 months.

“CCG has already provided funding for deals ranging from $40,000 to more than $100,000.”

One of the benefits for qualified individuals financing through CCG is the ability to purchase a truck out of United Road’s fleet or from a truck dealership.

Additionally, United Road sends the payments to CCG from the OO’s settlements. “We make the truck-payment process easy by offering settlement deductions on a monthly basis,” Rista says. “You can then concentrate on maximizing your productivity, while we make sure the administrative work gets accomplished.”

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