United Road and Car Hauling Jobs Presents OVISS During NEMPA Technology Conference at MIT

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name MIT? I tend to think of something technical and distinguished and these two words fit pretty well here at Car Hauling Jobs and United Road. We were once again invited to MIT to present our patented OVISS (Online Vehicle Information Shipping Solution) technology at the recent NEMPA (New England Motor Press Association) Technology Conference at MIT.


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The topic this year was appropriately titled The Autonomous Vehicle 2012—The State of the Art. Our past OVISS presentations have established United Road as leaders in the automotive, engineering and connectivity fields. And while the automotive industry is continuing to move towards a driverless car, it will continue to need innovation in satellite guidance, object detection, imaging and communication before it can become a reality.

United Road’s OVISS system is a step in that direction. Because our drivers transport over two million vehicles a year throughout the country, we needed to develop a seamless real-time tracking system that allows us to communicate with our fleet. Not only does it make us more efficient, but it enables us to keep our customers informed without the guesswork or difficulty in calling one of our drivers direct. It’s just one reason our clients continue to use United Road and just one of the many solutions we’ve developed as a commercial fleet operator.

Be sure to check out the United Road website and if you have any questions about OVISS or our job openings, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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