United Road Awards Drivers for Jobs Well Done

At United Road, good work is valued, and that’s why the company developed its special United Road Awards Program, through which United Road awards drivers for good performance.

“We respect and value our drivers’ contributions,” says Eric Madison, United Road’s director of Human Resources. “There’s a great sense of achievement here at United Road for work well done. For the past three years, we’ve been recognizing company and owner-operator drivers in two categories: Delivery Professionalism and Safe Driving.”

Those drivers who reach certain levels receive additional compensation. Some drivers are recognized for their excellent work at their terminals or at United Road’s annual Christmas Party in Detroit. Drivers receive everything from monetary certificates and recognition pins to special jackets.

United Road Rewards for Delivery Professionalism
A driver may qualify for either of two levels of Delivery Professionalism, including the Damage Free Delivery Professional and the Gold Delivery Professional.

The Damage Free Delivery Professional category is for drivers who complete the one-year-long qualifying period with no cargo damage and no Vehicle Out of Service (OOS) violations. (Non-preventable damages are excluded from consideration.)

The Gold Delivery Professional category is for drivers who maintain a cargo damage ratio above 99.80 percent with no major damage and no Vehicle OOS violations. (Any single cargo damage over $4,000 is considered a major damage.)

Safe Driving
To be considered a Safe Driver, a driver must have zero preventable accidents, moving violations, or service violations and no violations of United Road’s Safety Policy.

Elite Driver
Another recognition level is called Elite Driver Status. To qualify, drivers have to be both Damage Free and a Safe Driver, as detailed above.

Gold Elite Driver
To qualify as a Gold Elite Driver, you have to be a Gold Delivery Professional and a Safe Driver.

Currently, of the 656 company drivers and 214 owner-operator drivers, there are about 40 drivers with Damage Free Elite status (these drivers receive additional compensation), 90 Gold Elites and 30 Gold Delivery Professionals, 14 Damage Free Delivery Professionals and 207 Safe Drivers.

Congratulations, drivers! Keep up the good work!

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