OVISS Epitomizes Communication and Leading Technology for Auto Transport Jobs

All of you have probably heard about the ban on hand-held cell phones for truck drivers on auto transport jobs. One of the immediate questions I’m now asked by potential candidates is “How will I let my dispatcher know where I am or when I can be expected?” While that answer may not be simple for other trucking companies, it is for those of us at Car Hauling Jobs and United Road.

oviss united road gpsIt’s our goal here to allow you to do what you do best—haul vehicles. Much of that goal encompasses making processes as streamlined for you as possible, and that includes communication. United Road created an Enterprise Resource Planning solution that covers day-to-day shipping, execution and business management. We call it OVISS (Online Vehicle Inventory & Shipping Solution).

Instead of you having to call in and let a dispatcher know where you are, we can track you through Wifi and WWAN devices that provide us with real-time insight into where your vehicle is, how soon it’s estimated to arrive and when it can depart. This takes the burden off you and allows our customers the ease of an accurate update whenever they want one.

OVISS is also the first patent ever awarded to a car hauler for innovations in advanced Vehicle Transport Load Optimization. Matt Cartwright, Chief Information Officer for United Road and inventor of OVISS, had this to say, “United Road’s technology will continue to evolve, promoting highway safety, fuel efficiency and highly optimized custom solutions for vehicle shippers. I am confident that the company will lead technology that continuously delivers vehicles on time and damage free, using the power of United Road’s North American network.”

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