Mobile Handheld Devices Help Make Paperwork for Drivers a Thing of the Past

mobile handheld devicesUnited Road drivers are some of the most efficient drivers in the car-hauling business, thanks to Microsoft Windows Mobile Handheld Devices, built by Motorola, that virtually makes paperwork a thing of the past.

The device allows drivers to find information on everything from truck-wash facilities and fuel stations to hotels and more.

“Drivers can figure out how many miles they are from hotels, rest areas, you name it,” explains project manager Melanie Mangiapane, a 12-year United Road employee based at headquarters in Romulus, MI.

“The directories are all uploaded onto the mobile handheld device. It’s especially handy if they’re in an unfamiliar area and not sure how far, say, their closest fuel station is.”

Melanie says that even the drivers who were skeptical about using a handheld device and paperless system now love them.

“It allows drivers to start the payroll process without going back to the terminal, so no paperwork whatsoever,” she explains.  “It cuts way back on payroll processing time.”

Another benefit that relieves drivers of paperwork is United Road’s GPS units, she explains. “United Road company drivers have a handy GPS unit in the truck, so they don’t have to spend time filling out state mileage reports, which can be a very tedious process.”

As well, a new Vehicle Transport Automation System (VTAS) Android application will soon allow Owner-Operators and carrier partners the opportunity to receive and deliver their vehicles in the same paperless manner as United Road’s company drivers, without needing any equipment other than their phone. The app will work on any smart phone that utilizes the Android OS platform.

VTAS provides users the opportunity to handle all functions needed during loading/unloading, including recording exceptions, capturing signatures or STI as well as who is signing for the vehicles.

The aforementioned United Road-approved fuel stops, hotels, truck washes and terminal locations also make the device extremely handy. The delivery process for Owner-Operators and carrier partners will be much more efficient. Once delivery is complete, the payment process automatically begins, often without any additional actions required since all necessary information is transmitted in near real-time via telephone.

The benefits of paperless delivery not only make life easier for drivers, but also for various support teams.

Incidentally, an iPhone user app is also in the works.





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