Military Veterans Find Truck Driving Jobs at United Road Lucrative

Military veterans make extremely successful car haulers, say United Road recruiting specialists.  Truck driving jobs with United Road are lucrative and satisfying, and offer excellent benefits and rewards.

“Our drivers from the military have a desire to achieve success,” notes Rob Ashman, who works in United Road’s recruiting division and has 18 years of experience in the military.

Ashman, who serves in the U.S. Army National Guard in a logistics battalion out of Springfield, Ohio, says, “Folks from the military understand hard work and that often the clock doesn’t stop on, say, a Saturday. They work for the company and for themselves … whatever it takes. In both the military and as a United Road driver, you are essentially running your business, you have control.”

Ashman, who worked in recruiting in Jacksonville, Fla., before joining United Road, says transportation and military logistics servicepeople, as well as others, catch on quickly at United Road.

“Many have driven similar types of vehicles and hauled a lot of equipment. Most already have a great deal of training and just need the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL),” explains Ashman.

“Our drivers are also finding that they can make more at United Road salary-wise than they earned in the military,” he says, “especially those with a passion for what they do and pride in ownership, which shines when you’re a United Road driver.  They can take charge of what they can control.”

Not to mention the excellent Blue Cross Blue Shield health benefits, retirement savings programs, paid holidays and vacations and more benefits offered for truck driving jobs from United Road.

Ashman suggests those in the military now who are interested in driving for United Road start planning well before the end of their service. “There’s due diligence involved, going to career fairs, etcetera. I’d say start looking into it 90 days out. Do your ground work, applications, q&a’s …”

The busy recruiter, who has two young sons, was recently deployed for a logistics-officer position in southwest Asia, but will return to United Road following his one-year commitment.

“The military takes precedence,” he says, “but I can’t say enough about all United Road has done for me and I look forward to returning. My first job was a logistics truck driver in the Army, so I’ve come full circle working for United Road.”

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