Car Hauling Jobs and the United Road Difference

I like to talk to our new hires, get to know them and learn what is truly important to them. I also like to find out how the job market looks from the outside in. The reason for this is because at Car Hauling Jobs and United Road, we have heard about a number of recruiters out there for other companies who are promising candidates the world. They’ll do whatever they can to fill a job hauling cars and get you through the door. We don’t do things like that at United Road.

Car Hauling JobsThere are places out there spending more money and time bringing you on board than they do on keeping the employees they already have happy and secure. United Road not only believes in bringing in the best car hauling drivers, but taking care of them after they’ve been hired.

At Car Hauling Jobs andUnited Road, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. In fact, we’re very up front telling candidates that the average gross income a driver makes with us is $70,000 a year, that we have local, regional and over the road positions, that we offer Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance, Delta Dental insurance, life insurance through Mutual of Omaha, employee discounts at companies like Apple and AT&T, and an incredible fuel-saving program.

When it comes to offering jobs for a car hauler and being a family-oriented company, United Road walks the walk. Submit your application today!

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